Hotel in Patna


Patna offers a mixed variety of hotels for accommodation. Being the capital, and a starting place for the Buddhist Circuit, the Jainism Circuit, and the Sufism circuit, the city has developed good facilities to offer to the guests. Most of the hotel provide travel arrangement for touring the nearby places. As the city has limited number of good hotels, therefore accommodation facilities available can be scarce during any National or International events or fest. One can also find it difficult to get empty rooms during wedding season. The average prices of the rooms are apparently higher than the metros and bigger cities on a comparative basis, possibly due to absence of large number of hotels, especially good ones in the city. Most of the hotels are situated within a close vicinity of Patna Railways Station. Beer Chand Patel Marg, situated at 1-2 km from Station has concentration of good hotels. There are many budget hotel in the Frazer road, just outside the station.