Padri Ki Haveli, Patna City

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Situated in the Patna city area, Padri Ki Haveli (Priest's Mansion) also known as St. Mary's Church, is one of the prominent religious place in Patna. It has the distinction of being the oldest church in Bihar, originally built as a small church in 1713 by the followers of Roman Catholics. The church celebrated its 300th years of foundation in 2013. It is a major visiting destination for tourists, partly because of its historical existence and partly because of its association with Mother Teresa.

The Church went into major renovation during 1772-1779 under
the guidance of Tirreto, a Venetian architect, who came from
Calcutta. During its course, it went for large scale destruction for a
couple of times. In 1763, the building was destroyed and records
were burnt by the soldiers of Nawab Mir Qasim after a quarrel
with the English trader broke out. During 1857, the same was
damaged due to communal sentiments prevailing at that time.
However, today the Church stands tall and is a holy place
for the Christians.
It is seventy feet in length, forty feet in width
and fifty feet in height.

The Church witnessed the stay of Mother Teresa for three
month during 1948. She had came here for a training in the
Holy Family Hospital. The small room where she stayed is still
well preserved and a part of the Missionaries of Charity's house.
A notice board in front of room says "Mother Teresa, who
started her mission of love after undertaking training at Padri
Ki Haveli, stayed in this room, 1948
." The room has many things,
like cot, table etc. used by Mother Teresa during her stay, which
continues to attract tourists.

Padri ki Haveli is a historical, religious and famous destination in Patna.
It is open to all section of people and anyone can visit the Church.
One should get time to visit the Church while visiting Patna.

How to reach : It is located in Sonar Toli, Gurhatta in Patna City. It is easily reachable by the vehicles.

Distance :
Patna Junction ~ 14-15 km
Airport ~ 19-20 km
Mithapur Bus Stand ~ 17-18 km

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