Mahavir Mandir, Patna

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Mahavir Mandir is one of the most visited temple in Patna. It is situated just outside the Patna Junction. It is one of the holiest temple of North India dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Thousands of people pay visit to the temple everyday. It is managed by Mahavir Mandir Trust, which has many charitable institute and hospitals run and managed by it. The temple's earning is one of the highest in India.

The temple was declared a public temple by Patna High Court in 1948 , though the temple existed there since long time. The temple went into major renovation between 1983-1985 and marbles were heavily used during renovation. The temple has three floors, including the ground floor.

The ground floor is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, where the main            
idol is worshiped. The first floor has life size idols of various Gods
and Goddesses. On the same floor, the floating stone on water ,
Ramsetu Shila is on display which is believed to be a part of the stone
bridge (Ramsetu) built during Lanka invasion in Ramayana by the
monkey army. The third floor is meant for 'Havans' and marriage
purpose.It does not have any idol. The ground floor opens up in a
big courtyard. It also have a religious book house from where one
can buy the religious books. There is also a  sweet shop, famous for
'Neivedyam' or ladoos at the ground floor.

The temple attracts huge crowd during the festival. On Ramnavami,
the queue for worshiping can be many kilometers long. On Tuesday
and Saturday also, there is big rush, owing to the traditional
worshiping of Lord Hanuman. The trust organizes medical camps,
provide medicine and subsidized treatment to poor. The trust
operates a super specialty cancer hospital, beside host of other
hospitals. The temple has a dedicated website, from where the
devotees can have online darshan of the Lord Hanuman.

From the second floor of the temple, one can have a wonderful view of the city. On one side, the Patna Junction is there whereas on the opposite side, Buddha Smriti Park is there. The area is heavily crowded and huge traffic. From the top, the all around view is quite good. The Station market, situated beside the temple is famous for the dry food items and common household things. One should visit the temple for devotion, viewing and marketing in nearby areas.

How to reach : The temple is easily reachable from all part of the city by autos, bus and private vehicle. However, beside on the very busy area, parking for the vehicle can be a problem. However, the station parking area can be used for the same.

Distance :
Patna Junction ~ 0 km
Airport ~ 6 km
Mithapur Bus Stand ~ 5 km

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