Bihar Museum - Patna's New Museum

Patna New Museum Design

Patna's New Museum - The Bihar Museum, is the ambitious project of the State government to construct a museum of international standard to properly  house the rich artifacts of the state. The current Patna Museum has one of the richest collection of artifacts in the country. However, many rare artifacts are displayed much below global standard, diminishing their historical and cultural importance. Many articles are kept in store room due to unavailability of space inside the museum. The museum has also displayed some sculptures in open courtyard. The need for a new museum was being felt for some time, however initiatives could not to undertaken.The Didarganj Yakshi which is considered one of finest sculpture belonging to Mauryan period in India will be given adequate importance in the new museum.

The State government initiated the process by conducting an international competition in 2012-13. The competition drew many renowned architects around the world for its design. 26 entries were received for the first round in a two-stage process.  After the final screening, Maki and Associates, a Tokyo-based architecture firm and its Indian partner Opolis were declared winner. The new international museum which will be built at Rs. 280 Crore will be one-of-the-best in the country. The exhibition space will provide a chronological narrative of India's history through an alternating experience of diverse interior and exterior spaces. The exhibition space, children's museum, entry foyer and administrative centre will each have a distinct form, connected in between via arcades and courtyards. It is being built at a prime location in the heart of the city at Bailey Road, beside the Patna High Court in a space of 13.5 acres. The existing government buildings were demolished to pave the way for the upcoming museum. The construction work was inaugurated in July 2013 by the CM Nitish Kumar, who has played a pioneer role in the museum plan. The construction is slated to be completed by 2015 and is to be inaugurated on 22nd March, the Bihar Divas.

Some details are :

  • Number of floors : [Gallery, Entrance, Children's museum] 2 Stories , Administration - 4 stories
  • Site area : 56,250 m2
  • Building area : 19,000 m2
  • Total Floor area : 25,000 m2
  • Total cost : Rs 280 crore
  • Expected date of completion : July 2015


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