Wheeler Senate Hall

Wheeler Senate Hall is a structurally beautiful senate hall in the Patna University campus. It was inaugurated in 1926 AD by the then Governor of Bihar and Chancellor of the University, Sir Henry Wheeler. Since its inception, it has been holding the important conferences of the university. It has been a center-stage of all the important activities of the university.

Before the Senate Hall was constructed, the meetings, conferences and convocations were used to be held at different places. It was in 1925, when the Raja Devaki Nandan Prassad Singh of Munger agreed to meet the entire cost of building a senate hall for the university. The total cost accrued for building this hall was estimated to be approximately Rs 1.75 Lakh. The Hall was completed in 1926 and inaugurated in the same year. The Hall was extensively put to use for various academic activities. During Convocation, the Hall was used to be decorated extensively. After independence, the use of the Hall gradually decreased to such an extent today that it is now put to use for holding university examinations. Occasionally, Senate meeting and some exhibitions are also held in its spacious hall.

Wheeler Senate Hall is a testimony of the history of Patna University. Its huge pillar attracts anyone attention. Though, recently it has fallen into disarray, yet the solid foundation still charms the newcomers.