Festive Chhath amid dangerous ghats


While the preparation of renovating the ghats in its final stage, the administration has declared several ghats dangerous for Chhath puja. Administration has barricaded these dangerous ghats and no arrangement has been made on part of the administration. Learning from the stampede that caused death of scores of chhath devotees last year, this year administration claims to have made elaborate arrangements to avoid such situations. A couple of Peepa bridges has been made across the by-streams of Ganges to reach the main current. The dangerous ghats declared by Patna administration are

  • B N College Ghat
  • Mishri Ghat
  • Kadam Ghat
  • Banshi Ghat
  • Judges Court Ghat
  • Adalat Ghat
  • Bankipore Club Ghat
  • Sipahi Ghat
  • Anta Ghat
  • Minar Ghat
  • Jahaz Ghat
  • Shiva Ghat
  • Buddha Ghat
  • Badwa Ghat
  • Sipahi School Ghat
  • Nahar Lakh Ghat
  • Ramjichak Hathua Enclave Ghat

With the shifting of the Ganges  main stream away from several parts of Patna, the devotees has been left with very few options. The main stream is as far as three and half kilometer at Bans Ghat. Though, the administration has maid arrangements at several ponds also, but going by the way, most of the devotees from these areas will perform Argh from their home only. However, this has not lessened any enthusiasm among the devotees. With Kharna falling today, the people are getting ready with tomorrow evening Argh. wishes all the devotees of this maha festival (Aastha Ka Mahaparv) a very happy Chhath.

Sonepur Fair 2013 from November 16


The world famous Sonepur Fair for the year 2013 will start from November 16 and will continue for a month (till December 15). Asia's biggest cattle fair attracts thousands of tourist every year, including foreigners in large number. The fair which is held during the pious month of Kartik, starts a day ahead of Kartika Poornima (the full moon day on November 17). Bihar State Tourism Department is organizing the fair since 2012.

Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) is offering one day excursion tour program for all the people who wants to enjoy the cattle fair of Sonepur. The excursion starts with a boat journey (M V Ganga Vihar) from Gandhi Ghat at 9:00 AM and reaches Sonepur, which is situate on the bank of river Gandak, in 150 minutes. The tourist can enjoy the fair on vehicle arranged for the purpose. The excursion also include lunch during the day. The boat reaches back to Gandhi Ghat at 7:30 PM. The cost of package per person (terms and conditions included) is :

  • Rs 810 on Winger vehicle
  • Rs 660 on Non AC Mini Bus
  • Rs 760 on ISUZU

The Corporation has also made arrangements for providing hired four-wheeler from Hotel Kautilya Vihar to the fair who want to avail a day long tour. The tourist can also book Cottages (Swiss Cottages) in the fair. The Sonepur Paryatak Gram Tariff has a variable rate based on the booking date :

  • 16th November - 22nd November - Rs. 7000 + taxes extra
  • 23rd November - 29th November - Rs. 2500 + taxes extra
  • 30th November- 15th December - Rs. 499 + taxes extra

Patna Metro Rail proposed corridors


Patna Metro Rail has detailed out the proposed phases, corridors and most importantly the stations on the metro route. The project has also ruled out any underground network of the metro corridor in Patna City area owing to its archaeological importance. The project has sought public opinion regarding the project. The detailed out plan is as follow :


  • Corridor - 1A (East-West Metro Corridor) 
    Route : Danapur-Mithapur/Bypass Chowk via Patna Railways Station
    Length : 14.50 KM
    Alignment : Elevated from Danapur to RPS More, Underground from RPS More to Patna Station and elevated from Patna Station to Bypass Chowk
    Stations :
    1) Danapur Cantt. 
    2) Satabdi Smarak 
    3) RPS More 
    4) IAS Colony
    5) Rukunpura
    6) Raja Bazar
    7) J D Women's College
    8) Raj Bhawan
    9) Secretariat 
    10) High Court
    11) Income Tax Circle
    12) Patna Railways Station
    13) Chanakya Law University
    14) Mithapur
    15) Bypass Road
    Depot : Mithapur 
  • Corridor - 1B (Digha Link Metro Corridor)
    Route : Digha Ghat - High Court/Vikas Marg
    Length : 5.50 KM
    Alignment : Elevated along the railway siding from Digha to Shivpuri and further underground up to High Court 
    Stations :
    1) Digha
    2) Digha Ghat
    3) IIT
    4) New Pataliputra Colony
    5) Shivpuri
    Depot : To share the depot of Corridor 1-A i.e. Mithapur 
  • Corridor - II (North-South Metro Corridor)
    Route : Patna railway Station - ISBT via Gandhi Maidan - PMCH - Rajendra Nagar Railway Station - Kumhrar - Zero Mile
    Length : 16.0 KM
    Alignment : Underground up to Rajendra Nagar Station and further elevated up to proposed ISBT
    Stations :
    1)Dak Bunglow 
    2) Gandhi Maidan
    3) Kargil Chowk
    4) PMCH
    5) Patna University
    6) Prem Chand Rangshala
    7) Dinkar Chowk
    8) Rajendra Nagar
    9) Nalanda Medical College
    10) Kumhrar Park
    11) Mahatma Gandhi Setu
    13) Zero Mile
    14) ISBT
    Depot : ISBT


  • Corridor - III
    Route : Mithapur/Bypass Chowk - Didarganj
    Length : 13.00 KM
    Alignment : Elevated along Bypass Road
    Stations :
    1) Mithapur Chowk 
    2) Lohia Nagar
    3) Kankarbagh 
    4) Income Tax Colony
    5) Zero Mile
    6) Choti Pahari
    7) Ranipur
    8) Ranipur Chak
    9) Check Post
    10) Guru Ka Bagh
    11) Didarganj
    Depot : Not finalized


  • Corridor - IV
    Mithapur/Bypass Chowk - Phoolwari Sharif/AIIMS
    Length : 11.0 KM
    Alignment : Elevated along Bypass Road
    Stations :
    1) Bypass Chowk
    2) Jay Prakash Nagar
    3) Dasratha
    4) Setu Nagar
    5) Chitkohra
    6) Anisabad 
    7) Haroon Nagar
    8) Phoolwari Sharif 
    9) Hadaspura 
    10) Nosha
    11) AIIMS
    Depot : Not finalized

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Serial blasts rock Patna


The peace and tranquility of Patna was perturbed by a series of low intensity explosions ahead of the much hyped 'Hunkar' rally of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) where its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was to address people at Gandhi Maidan. The explosions claimed six lives and injured close to hundred people at Patna Junction and Gandhi Maidan. The eight explosion that occurred between 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM yesterday caught the police and the investigating agencies by surprise. The timer controlled explosion has pointed towards the involvement of banned terrorist outfit Indian Mujahideen, whose one member has been said to be arrested by the police. Few other has also been arrested on suspicion and the inquiry is on. The Union government rushed the special team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) and National Security Guard (NSG) with bomb squad to investigate and assist the police in the serial explosions.

The capital was flooded with people coming from different parts of the state to attend the highly advertised poll campaign of Narendra Modi. The absence of Election Code of Conduct in the state has caused the entire city to be covered in hoardings and banners of the 'Hunkar' rally. It is roughly estimated that close to 2 lakh people were present in the Gandhi Maidan when the explosions set off. The vast size of the ground failed to create stampede like situation which is usually followed after such explosions, manifested by the strong rumors. The 3,000 buses from different districts and 11 specially booked trains had already arrived when the first explosion went off. The first blast occurred at 9:30 AM in the toilet on Platform 10 on Patna Junction. The platform generally used for Gaya bound trains was specially designated for the special trains arriving for the rally. The injured persons has been admitted in PMCH. Five of the six deceased belong to Patna, while the identity of sixth is yet to be verified. The sequence of the blasts explosions are

  • 9: 30 AM - Two blasts on Platform number 10 on Patna Junction
  • 11:40 AM - Blast near Udyog Bhavan in eastern Gandhi Maidan
  • 12:05 PM - Near Regent Cinema, which adjoins Udyog Bhavan
  • 12:10 PM - Near Mahatma Gandhi's statue in the Gandhi Maidan
  • 12:15 PM - Near Twin Towers on Southern periphery of Gandhi Maidan
  • 12:20 PM - Near SBI Main Branch on the western periphery of Gandhi Maidan
  • 12:25 PM - At Children's Park, on north-western periphery

The police also recovered six unexploded Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) - two each at Gandhi Maidan, Twin Tower and Patna Junction. The serial blasts left people in panic. Most of the native citizens had preferred to stay at home owing to the deluge of large number of people from different districts of the state. The blasts might not dampen the spirit of the festive mood of people with Diwali barely a week away, but it has surely signaled the arriving of a new challenge in Patna which has so far been away from the terror radar of the banned terrorist organizations. The explosions at Bodh Gaya had some repercussion in the capital, whereas the blats itself in capital has thrown a wider challenge before the state agencies.

Patna Book Fair from November 10, 2013


The famed Patna Book Fair is set to knock at the doors of historic Gandhi Maidan from November 10. This time, the fair would continue for a longer duration than previous ones. It would conclude on 24th November, i.e. 3 days more than previous ones. This includes three Sundays, giving ample time for the book lovers to enjoy the weekend. The fair which is organized by the Centre for Readership Development (CRD) is quite popular among all section of people, especially students. This will the 20th version of the Patna Book Fair. The fair has been timed so as to coincide it with the 'Shiksha Diwas' celebrations (November 11-13) of the state government. The theme of this book fair is 'Awakening of Youth'.

The fair would come up in an area spreading over 2.5 lakh square feet in Gandhi Maidan. It will accommodate approximately 750 stalls, where books belonging to more than 300 publishers and firms would be put on display. The fair will include two special feature this time. One will be the 'Hobby Corner' where enthusiast can exhibit their collection. The second will be called 'First Cut' where the screening of first films of the young directors will be undertaken. A section of the fair will be allotted for books on 'Women's studies'. The organizers has also decided to upload the map of the book fair on the Internet to facilitate the visitors. Besides these, a number of cultural activities will be held during the course of the fair.

The visitors will be charged with an entry ticket. However, it will not apply for the school students who need to produce their identity-card. The college student will get this waiver only during weekdays.


Previous fairs :