Cafeteria at Patna Museum

Patna Museum is set to get upgraded with new facilities in the coming year. There has been a lot of renovation work in the museum during the year.The most awaited in the inauguration of the newly constructed museum cafeteria situated north to the museum building. The tourism department has constructed this cafeteria at a cost of Rs. 55 lakh, keeping its design in synchronization with the architectural design of the historic museum building. The cafeteria will have capacity of 70 people at a time. The construction of an approach road to the cafeteria with the rest of the museum has been done by the Municipal Corporation.The requirement for the cafeteria has been felt for a long time, as taking a tour of the entire museum takes a lot of time and effort and makes one tired. It will be  a relief for the visitors to take a break at the cafeteria.

This year museum has been under constant renovation phase. Interiors has been redesigned for the first time since its establishment in 1928. First floor has been relaid. The lighting system and showcases in the three of the galleries exhibiting metal art, Tibetan Scroll, painting, artworks and weapon are being replaced. The vacant gallery on the South- Western side of the first floor has already been converted into an exhibition gallery which is given to local artists on minimal rents for displaying their work. The museum has also signed a MOU for the museum shop with Handicraft and Corporation of India. With continuous improvement, Patna Museum is set to attract more visitors to its rich collection.