Patna booms in 2012 results !!!


Its  a high time for me. Results has been announced for 2012 for most of the boards, except State Intermediate board which is expected in the coming week. There is feeling of pride and happiness across the city. And I am proud because of the recognition that I have started getting at the National level in education field. Right from the 10th to the Civil services, the city has outshines the expectations and  the results has really made me to feel proud of my students. Such achievements coming from the different quarters of various areas, which even lacks the basic amenities, is highly appreciable.

It all began with the announcement of Civil Services result last month. The city did extremely well and bagged many ranks in its kitty. Neha from Patna got AIR 022 and did the city extremely proud in the coveted exam. Kaushal from Patna city secured 41st rank, whereas Ankit got 126th rank. There are many from my neighbor cities which cleared the exam. Just few days after, result for IIT JEE brought laurels to me. About 500 student cracked the JEE 2012 from Patna- its a great feeling for any city. 27 student from Super 30 batch made it to the JEE 2012. The amazing success was again highlighted at the National forum. The two toughest exam has already uplifted my name, however, the news that caught national attention was the success of 12 year old boy, Satyam Kumar, from neighboring Bhojpur district, in the JEE 2012. At such a tender age, clearing the JEE is great achievement.

The school results followed. 10th and 12th class result for the CBSE and ICSE board schools brought happiness to many faces. The matriculation result of state board where majority of student appears, were highlighted in all the newspaper of the city for couple of days. The toppers were applauded for their success under different conditions. Intermediate result is expected to come in this first week of June. Navya Yadav from adjoining Bihta captured the top most position in matric exam by securing 93%. Ravish Kumar and Suraj Kumar from Danapu Cantt followed her. The results from most government schools were satisfactory. However, ths saddest part of the result for me was the suicide attempt by a girl from the top of Golghar, because of her failure at the matriculation exam. She sustained serious injuries and is fighting for her life in hospital. I pray for her life.

Kumar Abhishek of St. Michael's High school secured first position in XII th CBSE exam from Patna region. He got 97.8% marks in Science stream. Puja Jha from DAV, BSEB topped in Commerce stream by securing 96.4%. Shradha Chaudhary from Notre Dame school bagged first position in Arts by getting 96.6%. There are several toppers from ICSE XII th exam also. Supriya Rohtagi, a student of St. Joseph's Convent High School of commerce stream, scored 94.2 % marks, while Kriti, her batchmate, got 93.7% marks in class 12 examination. Aditya of Don Bosco Academy, who wants to become a chartered accountant, got 86.5% marks. Tanay Mukund of Don Bosco Academy got 90.25% marks in Science stream. Gayatri of St. Joseph's Convent High School also did her parents and school proud by achieving 90.2% marks. In arts stream, Uzma Batool and Adithi Anand of St. Joseph's Convent High School brought laurels to their school by securing 93.5 marks each. In Xth exam of ICSE board, Shivam Chaudhary and Akshay U Hegde of International School and Sunanda Chatterjee of St. Joseph's Convent High School secured 98.2% marks. They were followed by Tulika Ranjan (97.4%) of St. Joseph's Convent High School and Abir Ahmad (97.2%) of St. Xavier's School. There are many other such students of mine who has done extremely well. I feel so proud of them.

Individually, these results looks segregate but on combining these show tremendous potential in the education system of Patna. Girls and boys from smaller schools has came out with flying colors in 2012. With the future of mine in the hands of these young budding talents, I feel quite secured. They may not be here always to serve me, they may go to live in another sister cities, but the connection and  sweet remembrance of me will be always with them. They will be the holders of my name in the other part of the world. Long live student and long live pride !!!



Patna Ward Election 2012

Tomorrow is a big day for me and I have lot of expectations from it. After all, election of Councillors for the Patna Municipal Corporation is going to be held tomorrow, 17th May 2012.  My people will decide about my fate for the next five year. I can see that there are lot of expectation not only from me but also from the common people, barring caste and posts. The roads has been covered with pamphlets and corners with hoardings and billboards. These pamphlets and hoardings carry so impressive promises that even if half of them are implemented during next 5 years, then myself will be completely changed. Amen !!!

There are lot of burning issues which need immediate attention. Water problem has so much aggravated that my old natives simply ignore to belief the harsh reality. However, newspaper photos over water demonstration in the various locality make them believe to some extent. The electricity problem is no longer hidden by anyone. Being the capital, I should expect continuous power supply. Alas, that's a distant dream. Power cuts for long duration are quite common during hot days. The roads in various part are not good either. They need immediate attention. I become sad on seeing the dirty waters of city canals polluting the Ganga, my companion since time immemorial. The dirty water needs purification before being pumped into the river. Still today, most of my roads goes into darkness with the Sun set, since there is no lighting. That invite the bad social elements to utilize the opportunity. The 'blademan' is still roaming freely in the city and harming the people, and police is clueless. The traffic jams in many parts of the city are simply getting worse. I am getting cramped by the narrow roads  and never ending increment of vehicles on road every year. Garbage collection and sanitation is also a major issue. I also can not forget water-logging in various parts of the city  during Monsoon. There are lot of burning issues like these which need alarming attention.

If I am expecting action over them from the next Councillors, then nothing is wrong. After all, my people are voting for welfare. Tomorrow 70 wards of Patna Municipal Corporation will go for voting. One ward, number 39 will go for voting on 22nd May. From ward 28, Councillor has already been elected unopposed. A total of 630 candidates including 323 women will be on the field tomorrow. 19 wards are reserved for women. A total of 1175 polling booth has been designated for voting. I am happy to see the growing number of women candidates in the election. However, its sad to see that 71 candidates has criminal backgrounds.

All the government and private institution will remain close tomorrow. I hope that people will come out for choosing their and mine future in large number. I will pray that people vote for genuine candidate, overcoming caste and regionalism equations. Also, I wish all the candidates best of luck.

Waiting for the best result and a shining future.



( Result of PMC Election 2012)

Traffic and Buddha Smriti Park !!

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It was a decade or so back when the life around Patna Junction near Mahavir Mandir was cool and calm. There were fever traffic to cater and at that time, and me was just evolving into a modern city. There was an obsolete jail, called Bankipore jail in-front of the Mahavir mandir. It occupied a lot of space, around 22 acres and there were lot of trees inside it. It looked deserted. At the beginning of this decade, I saw that the jail compound was being pulled down. I was curious to know if the structure was pulled down to make extra space for the parking and the traffic chaos that has started prevailing by that time. But somehow I came to know that there was a proposal to build a park on Lord Buddha here, to be called as Buddha Smriti Park. The park was being built to commemorate the 2554th birthday of Lord Buddha at a cost of more than Rs. 100 crore.

Wow !!! Great initiative, I thought. And why not, I have been the working ground of Buddha who used to come here often more than 2500 years back. But I was puzzled. How could such a big plan be executed in the centre of the city which is cramping for space. After all, difficulties will be faced by my people only, and not for the travelers who come once or twice in a year to witness the land of Buddha. There were lot of spaces available on Bailey road near Danapur. I thought that if this park had to come up, then any old government building at Bailey road can be pulled down to pave for the construction of park. That would had been great from all perspective.

Alas, everything I thought went in vain. Even the citizen were happy to see the construction of Buddha park in the city. They thought that this would be great attraction in the city. Of-course, 10 years down, it is a tourist puller. But who will be the ultimate sufferer? Indeed, citizens themselves. The junction near Mahavir mandir is situated at the cross section of four road.  All the four roads are equally traffic congested. Adding to the woes are the hawkers and footpath sellers who encroaches almost half the road. There are vehicles coming from all side. The junction marks an important turnaround for going to Kankarbagh, Station, R Block and Dak Bunglow chowk. If you include the traffic coming from the station, then the condition becomes horrible. City buses, autos, rickshaw, private vehicles, hawkers and people make this place a chaos. There is  non stop chaos prevailing 24 X 7 throughout the year. Come to any festival and the whole area will become inundated with the worshipers of Mahavir Mandir. Everyone seems to guess after why the space is horribly congested. (The Chaos outside Patna Junction)

Who is to blame for this chaos? There is no doubt that it has to be the government agencies involved in the project clearance. They cannot blame themselves off from this situation. It was, after-all a political initiative. Infact, it is the decision of all the parties that this structure came up. And people are the biggest loser. There were many things that could have been done at exact the same place of 22 acres of prime land where Buddha Smriti park is situated. Based on Bangalore model, we could had the city bus stand, travelers and public houses and auto stand built sprawling in that area which could had reduced much traffic and would had eased the congestion. A dedicated underpass or foot overbridge could have easily connected to the various areas around the station. Few flyovers could have averted the huge traffic jams.

Alas, nothing is possible now. The situation is going to be frightening in the coming days. With more number of vehicles adding each year and the growing importance of Patna junction and Mahavir Mandir would make this place fearful in the coming years. Haphazard traffics held a lot of risks to the lives. I have seen how family from smaller places find it difficult to cross the road. Buddha Smriti Park, which is so beautiful will be star attraction but at the horrific cost of the citizen woes around it. It will be place where fewer people will be seen, but a huge crowd will be haphazardly moving beyond its compound. This is a grave mistake by the government and the municipal corporation. I wish the park could have come across at any other part of the city, leaving the area to be developed for the Citizen facility and traffic congestion control systems.


Is administration prepared ?

Today newspapers were covered with the Kolkata Hospital fire incident in the front pages. The fire which broke out in the mid night caught the people by surprised and claimed close to hundred life. The casualty could have been much lower, had the administration taken pro-active step. The full help came well four hour after the first emergency call was made. When there is a fine thread between life and death, a delay of four hours in response can be enormous. Most of the casualty did not happen because of the fire, but because of the administration.

Is Patna administration ready to handle such kind of fire incidents? I doubt. The fire department is ill-equipped to handle any such large scale high rise building fire incident. PMCH, the biggest hospital hospital, is situated beside the bustling Ashok Rajpath, which is always jam-choked. Any such incident there would require the clearing of the road, which may takes hours, before the proper help could reach there. I doubt whether the government hospital employees have ever been given formal training in such scenario and escape from it. The more or less condition applies to rest of the government and private hospitals. The latter has cropped up in nook and corner and even lanes of the city. The private hospital tends to throw the hospital wastage in the neighborhood only, so any expectation from them to handle such incidents is out of their capacity.

Incidents and particularly such fire incidents can happen in any place. However, the casualties can be reduced, if the administration comes to help at the correct time. I wish such incident never happen here, and if by misfortune happens, then administration should respond quickly. The fire department should also be well equipped for such cases. Life is precious, but even more precious is the life of my own people.


Whose Loss ?

Trin-trin, trin-trin.... I woke up suddenly by the constant cycle bell ringing on the empty roads. Its still early morning, around 4 am in the morning- who's going so early ??? Through the half-opened eyes, I saw few students, on their cycles and bag on their backs, moving hastily on the near-empty road. Ohh !!! Suddenly I realized - these are my students going for the tuition, might be a bit early today. Such dedication of the student really make me proud. After all, how many cities are comparable with me in terms of the number of student qualifying the competitive exams on all India level.

Since early morning to late night, I see student going to and coming from their tuition. The tuition centers for engineering, medical and public sectors are scattered throughout the city, however, there are some special pockets, like Nala road, Ashok Rajpath, Boring road and Kankarbagh where concentration is very much. In Nala road, I see only student and tuition centres. The student comes from all part of state and even neighboring states for the quality education here. But my pride is temporary. Soon, very soon, these student will qualify any exam and will move out of my folds, for most of them , I will become place where they come during holidays. I am seeing for many years that thousands of students moves out to different cities for higher education, and so does the crores of rupees.

When a student leaves me, its not only the loss of a talent but loss of exchequer. Indeed, I feel happy that these student of mine are going for good reason and will make my name famous in the years to come, but in some remote corner of my heart, I always wish that I could have enough quality colleges here to stop them from going. I have no doubt that the same student who tops in board exam and cracks the toughest exam, would not fare in professional colleges here. But alas, I don't have the good professional colleges to boast of, I can not stop them.

Whose fault is this ? Are the student to be blamed or the administration ? Even the neighboring states capital, like Lucknow, Kolkata, Bhubanehswar and Bhopal have got dozens of professional colleges opened in last few years. There student have stopped moving out for higher education. Why I lagged behind ? I don't have professional colleges on fingertips to count, leave aside the good ones. Some people proudly says that they have got opened IIT, NIT, NIFT etc, but do they really caters to the local student ? Their admission is held on all India basis. Here there is demand for the colleges which caters to the local student. Once enough professional colleges are opened, in the years to come, student outflow will decrease gradually. So, the flow of exchequer. The money will be spend locally only, hence I will be benefited indirectly.

Hundreds of crores of rupees are moving out every year, but no one is caring. Its a huge sum for a state like Bihar. I am still waiting for a dynamic leadership which would ultimately change my fate.





City of Hoardings ?

The presence of so many hoarding in the city could easily confer me the title of City of Hoardings. A decade or so back, I was free from big hoardings and the sign boards - the life seemed peaceful and open. The people could easily see what lies in the horizon. But, today I wonder, how these have covered me so much.

I have often seen that when any outstation passenger comes out of the Patna Junction, he is surprised to see the big hoardings and advertisements. The hotel advertisements cover most of the parts. All the nearby big buildings has became a place of advertisement. I guess Nagar Nigam would be getting a very large revenue, but seeing their pathetic condition, I sometime get surprised where all these moneys are going.  As the poor passenger moves towards Dak Bunglow Chowk, the sign boards of the telecom service providers welcomes him. I wonder that he, if not aware of, may think that all telecom service providers are city-grown, hence so much advertisement.  The Dak Bunglow is no different - with beautiful advertisements lurking from each possible location to the passenger. Infact, throughout the city, more or less the same condition exists. Boring road, once peaceful part of me, have became a place for advertisement. On either side of the road, one is disturbed by the presence of large number of small signboards of a particular telecom company, looks like if it has been leased out. Moving ahead towards Pani Tanki, tuition hoardings irritates you. It looks from hoardings, that after passing from IIT, all students become teacher here. Not a single subject and a single name title would be missing from the billboards. All signboards guarantees student to qualify IIT and AIIMs, if not less. The presence of so many similar boards next to each other looks funny, but municipal corporation has other thoughts. In North- Eastern Gandhi Maidan, the large hoardings has covered so much so that the high towers of Christ Church are hidden from the view. Ashok Rajpath and Nala road reflects the same picture.

Is this not a form of pollution ?  Am I not being choked by these advertisements boards. If Municipal Corporation can not make me cleaner then what right has it got to distribute the free licence of advertisement all over the city. I wonder if the sister cities across the country have the same problem or am I an exception. I have seem sometime that people from corporation remove the bill boards, but within 24 hours, the boards appears again at the same place. Why they never think of penalizing the person/offices/tuition centre for violating the law, if exists in any form. The advertisements only shows that how much money is being used to lurk the people of a poor state. I wish if anyone could take initiative in relieving me from the burdens of these large and heavy hoardings and advertisement boards.