Is administration prepared ?

Today newspapers were covered with the Kolkata Hospital fire incident in the front pages. The fire which broke out in the mid night caught the people by surprised and claimed close to hundred life. The casualty could have been much lower, had the administration taken pro-active step. The full help came well four hour after the first emergency call was made. When there is a fine thread between life and death, a delay of four hours in response can be enormous. Most of the casualty did not happen because of the fire, but because of the administration.

Is Patna administration ready to handle such kind of fire incidents? I doubt. The fire department is ill-equipped to handle any such large scale high rise building fire incident. PMCH, the biggest hospital hospital, is situated beside the bustling Ashok Rajpath, which is always jam-choked. Any such incident there would require the clearing of the road, which may takes hours, before the proper help could reach there. I doubt whether the government hospital employees have ever been given formal training in such scenario and escape from it. The more or less condition applies to rest of the government and private hospitals. The latter has cropped up in nook and corner and even lanes of the city. The private hospital tends to throw the hospital wastage in the neighborhood only, so any expectation from them to handle such incidents is out of their capacity.

Incidents and particularly such fire incidents can happen in any place. However, the casualties can be reduced, if the administration comes to help at the correct time. I wish such incident never happen here, and if by misfortune happens, then administration should respond quickly. The fire department should also be well equipped for such cases. Life is precious, but even more precious is the life of my own people.