Whose Loss ?

Trin-trin, trin-trin.... I woke up suddenly by the constant cycle bell ringing on the empty roads. Its still early morning, around 4 am in the morning- who's going so early ??? Through the half-opened eyes, I saw few students, on their cycles and bag on their backs, moving hastily on the near-empty road. Ohh !!! Suddenly I realized - these are my students going for the tuition, might be a bit early today. Such dedication of the student really make me proud. After all, how many cities are comparable with me in terms of the number of student qualifying the competitive exams on all India level.

Since early morning to late night, I see student going to and coming from their tuition. The tuition centers for engineering, medical and public sectors are scattered throughout the city, however, there are some special pockets, like Nala road, Ashok Rajpath, Boring road and Kankarbagh where concentration is very much. In Nala road, I see only student and tuition centres. The student comes from all part of state and even neighboring states for the quality education here. But my pride is temporary. Soon, very soon, these student will qualify any exam and will move out of my folds, for most of them , I will become place where they come during holidays. I am seeing for many years that thousands of students moves out to different cities for higher education, and so does the crores of rupees.

When a student leaves me, its not only the loss of a talent but loss of exchequer. Indeed, I feel happy that these student of mine are going for good reason and will make my name famous in the years to come, but in some remote corner of my heart, I always wish that I could have enough quality colleges here to stop them from going. I have no doubt that the same student who tops in board exam and cracks the toughest exam, would not fare in professional colleges here. But alas, I don't have the good professional colleges to boast of, I can not stop them.

Whose fault is this ? Are the student to be blamed or the administration ? Even the neighboring states capital, like Lucknow, Kolkata, Bhubanehswar and Bhopal have got dozens of professional colleges opened in last few years. There student have stopped moving out for higher education. Why I lagged behind ? I don't have professional colleges on fingertips to count, leave aside the good ones. Some people proudly says that they have got opened IIT, NIT, NIFT etc, but do they really caters to the local student ? Their admission is held on all India basis. Here there is demand for the colleges which caters to the local student. Once enough professional colleges are opened, in the years to come, student outflow will decrease gradually. So, the flow of exchequer. The money will be spend locally only, hence I will be benefited indirectly.

Hundreds of crores of rupees are moving out every year, but no one is caring. Its a huge sum for a state like Bihar. I am still waiting for a dynamic leadership which would ultimately change my fate.