City of Hoardings ?

The presence of so many hoarding in the city could easily confer me the title of City of Hoardings. A decade or so back, I was free from big hoardings and the sign boards - the life seemed peaceful and open. The people could easily see what lies in the horizon. But, today I wonder, how these have covered me so much.

I have often seen that when any outstation passenger comes out of the Patna Junction, he is surprised to see the big hoardings and advertisements. The hotel advertisements cover most of the parts. All the nearby big buildings has became a place of advertisement. I guess Nagar Nigam would be getting a very large revenue, but seeing their pathetic condition, I sometime get surprised where all these moneys are going.  As the poor passenger moves towards Dak Bunglow Chowk, the sign boards of the telecom service providers welcomes him. I wonder that he, if not aware of, may think that all telecom service providers are city-grown, hence so much advertisement.  The Dak Bunglow is no different - with beautiful advertisements lurking from each possible location to the passenger. Infact, throughout the city, more or less the same condition exists. Boring road, once peaceful part of me, have became a place for advertisement. On either side of the road, one is disturbed by the presence of large number of small signboards of a particular telecom company, looks like if it has been leased out. Moving ahead towards Pani Tanki, tuition hoardings irritates you. It looks from hoardings, that after passing from IIT, all students become teacher here. Not a single subject and a single name title would be missing from the billboards. All signboards guarantees student to qualify IIT and AIIMs, if not less. The presence of so many similar boards next to each other looks funny, but municipal corporation has other thoughts. In North- Eastern Gandhi Maidan, the large hoardings has covered so much so that the high towers of Christ Church are hidden from the view. Ashok Rajpath and Nala road reflects the same picture.

Is this not a form of pollution ?  Am I not being choked by these advertisements boards. If Municipal Corporation can not make me cleaner then what right has it got to distribute the free licence of advertisement all over the city. I wonder if the sister cities across the country have the same problem or am I an exception. I have seem sometime that people from corporation remove the bill boards, but within 24 hours, the boards appears again at the same place. Why they never think of penalizing the person/offices/tuition centre for violating the law, if exists in any form. The advertisements only shows that how much money is being used to lurk the people of a poor state. I wish if anyone could take initiative in relieving me from the burdens of these large and heavy hoardings and advertisement boards.