Wish it could be ......

After all, who doesn't love the festival of Lights, Diwali ? It is one of the most important festival of India, and is celebrated with great pomp and show. The twinkling lights of Diyas still outshines the lights of electric bulbs. The crackers form an indispensable part of the festival. In fact, Children waits for this festival because of the crackers only.

This reflects the brighter side of the festival, but is there anyone to care about the darker side of it  that how much I chokes in this very pious festival of lights ? Not only on the day of Diwali, but also during the entire week of the festival. The colorful lights, sounds and obnoxious smokes arising from the cracker charms children as well as adults, but how far it goes in affecting the environment, no one seems to be concerned. The whole sky becomes so much smoky by the late night, that people feel difficulty in breathing in the open outside their home. The huge blanket of smokes and dust contains harmful gases likes carbon-dioxide, sulphur-dioxide and many others and minute particulates from the crackers and covers the entire sky. This act not only affect me badly, but to others also. Have you ever noticed that during Diwali where all the birds gets disappeared or even those who are visible are too afraid to come out of the hidings ? The poor street dog faces the hell day of the year - some even throw crackers over this social animal. Old peoples and hospital patients have horrific times. After all, where my people are going by disturbing the very delicate balance of nature ? Crores of rupees of crackers are burnt into fumes, causing damage much more than the amount invested in crackers.

There is no denying fact that during recent times, there has been awareness among the people. However, it is still at the nascent stage. Let it be a festival of light and enjoyment, and not of pollution. I sincerely request you to take care of my concern in your area.