O' my sister Ganga

The season of festivals has started and so does the suffering of my eternal sister, the Ganga. With the beginning of every festive season when the world enjoys, my sister cries because of being choked due to the immersion of large number of idols of gods and goddesses. No, this was not the case since beginning. In fact during earlier period, there was enjoyment everywhere. However the situation started changing after 18th-19th century, when the idol worshiping began stated at a large scale and it became popular and widespread. This trend continued to grow by leap and bound, and now the commercialization of festivals has pushed it further at a rapid pace. There would not have been any problem, had the Government and the Society taken care of the proper immersion of the idols once the festivals were over. Alas !! none took care, and my sister became the only destination of the thousands of idols throughout the year, especially during the festive season.

Starting from the Dussehera Puja during October-November to Saraswati Puja during February-March, the idols of numerous God and Goddesses find their abode in the holy water of my sister. The festival of Holi further adds to its misery. The ever growing size of idols, sometime weighing in to tonnes and the heavy use of synthetic colors, paints, chemicals and massive use of Plaster of Paris ultimately finds their way in the already troubled water. These pious immersions not only chokes the flow of the water, but also kills the natural habitats and leave an indelible mark of the ever grading quality of the water. It is expected that during this year more than 1000 idols of Dusshehra Puja and 5000 liters of paints will find their way in the river. The ghats becomes the point of immersion and most of the idols are immersed withing 3-4 meter of distance from the bank. This further pollutes the ghat.

There is every right that people should enjoy the festivals. But, to how far it is appropriate that their enjoyment results in the misery of my sister. Wish someone would be concern about the destiny of my sister. Hoping for the best.