Biharis, me and the Threat from Mumbai


In recent times, I often hear some threatening voices from Mumbai. The threat is given to the Biharis who are staying and working there for their bare livelihood for evacuating the city of Mumbai. I often wonder how  such thing can happen in India where constitution has given fundamental rights to its citizen to live and earn in any part of the Country. Is such frequent threatening not ringing any bell in Honorable Court of India ?

Lets get to the basic facts. There are thousands of Biharis who are working in Mumbai in the low income group strata. They are the daily wages laborers, security guards, factory workers, household maids, ferrywalas, taxi drivers and the list go on for all the posts in which local people do not want to get in, primarily because of the very less pay that is offered to them and the social stigma involved in it. These are the people who live somehow in some corner of the city, just managing enough to send some money back to their families  in villages. They belong to the sector where their is no guarantee of anything - job, money, leave etc. If some people threaten them to evacuate the city, then its like cutting the branch of the tree on which the branch-cutter is sitting. Imagine what will happen if all the people in this class vacate the city !!!! There will be utter chaos throughout the city. Such threats has not been made against the Biharis, who are situated at the top level, because of their influence and basically because, the Government can not let it happen at the higher level.

So, the question arises who is wrong - the people who are threatening because of some cheap politics or the 'State'  who is letting it happen with ease or the Biharis, who are earning minimal, themselves ? There was a time when the people of my region were welcomed with great respect across the nation and beyond . This was the land of Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka, Samudragupt, Kalidas, Panini, and numerous personalities who shaped the destiny of the country, much before the city of Mumbai was even born. So, what has happened now. As far as I remember, at that time, people were proud of me, they were chauvinist, ready to die for my pride. But as the time progressed, this feeling subsided and by the end of 20th century, we began to consider ourself as the citizen of the country, leaving far behind the regionalism of Bihari, which proved fatal in the coming decades. In todays India, chauvinism is not appropriate but pride of regionalism is must, which we have lost because of some facts which are unexplained. This is because of loss of feeling of regionalism that Biharis are being threatened right from Assam to Mumbai and from Delhi to Chennai.

Biharis are in way inferior to any other Indian in the country. They are endowed with brilliance and sharp minds. Their land is fertile compared to none in the country. They have rivers full of waters throughout the year. Then why we be threatened like none other in country ? The reason lies in the people themselves as much as in the political system of the state which has crippled during more than 60 years of Independence.

Regeneration of self pride and regionalism is the only way which can pull us. No level of development can do this unless the people themselves are ready to consider superior to rest other. Can we forget the 'superior Aryan' theory of Hitler which revolutionized the German people, who were devastated at the end of first World War ? We should put the feeling of 'Indianization' behind regionalism. First the feeling of regionalism, feeling of being " Bihari", should be developed,  strong enough to shake the Country. Unless, we are chauvinist about our land, our history, our present and our people, nothing is going to change in the coming days. Its going to be bad to worse and the same threats will come from other parts of the country as well.