Me, rumors and people of North East India


The first news that I heard was from 2000 km distance away from the IT city of Bangaluru where people of North East (NE) India were mass evacuating the city. The reason - a rumor that caught its way among the NE people about being attacked after few days because of the communal violence that took place some 3000 km away in the valleys of Assam. Within hours, the same news started coming out from big cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc. I was holding my breath that this should occur here also. But with the next sunrise, I also came in light or went into darkness with people of North East India thronging the Patna Junction.

Nothing can be more heart breaking to see when your people who are contributing to the success of city in day-to-day activities leaving  out of city on  a baseless threat and rumor. They work in hotels, saloon, showrooms and numerous other places, and they have earned the reputation of dependable. How come, my own people can be so insensitive to the migrants who are working hard to earn small money. These people has long association with me as me being the nearest big city near to Nepal or Bhutan. They have contributed to make the city multi-ethnic and they are considered to the decent neighbor. Then what happened suddenly that people started fleeing ?

I believe that lack on confidence on these people caused such panic. I heard that Bangaluru police, politicians and local people took all steps to stop the exodus and they have succeeded also. I agree that such intense exodus was not in Patna, but I also saw that people were not as active  compared to their Bangaluru counter part. Its sad on my part that people still consider people of North East India as from Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet or China. If even after being so close to NE, my people are not sure, then I can not blame the distant South Bangaluru.

People seems to have forgotten that I have given support to refugees who came here in during more than 2000 years of my past. They eventually became a part of my existence and contributed to culture. If the same people now threaten other migrants, then such steps can not be accepted at any cost. Every Indian has right to live here and any part of the country. People who spread the messages are equivalently responsible. The government has taken strong steps to curb such things, people has came out in full support, but the question still remains wide open - have the faith of people of North East India with respect to rest India not shaken ? Whats wrong if they call the mainland India as 'Videsh' ?

I have seen how the history changes and the time passes and heals the gravest injury. This is a big issue, it will get solve eventually, but we should not forget the lesson learnt from it. People of North East India does not belong to Nepal, Bhutan or Tibet.. they are also a part of great Indian community and they have equal right to live and earn in any part of the country with due respect. I hope the people who has left me will come back soon.