Patna Ward Election 2012

Tomorrow is a big day for me and I have lot of expectations from it. After all, election of Councillors for the Patna Municipal Corporation is going to be held tomorrow, 17th May 2012.  My people will decide about my fate for the next five year. I can see that there are lot of expectation not only from me but also from the common people, barring caste and posts. The roads has been covered with pamphlets and corners with hoardings and billboards. These pamphlets and hoardings carry so impressive promises that even if half of them are implemented during next 5 years, then myself will be completely changed. Amen !!!

There are lot of burning issues which need immediate attention. Water problem has so much aggravated that my old natives simply ignore to belief the harsh reality. However, newspaper photos over water demonstration in the various locality make them believe to some extent. The electricity problem is no longer hidden by anyone. Being the capital, I should expect continuous power supply. Alas, that's a distant dream. Power cuts for long duration are quite common during hot days. The roads in various part are not good either. They need immediate attention. I become sad on seeing the dirty waters of city canals polluting the Ganga, my companion since time immemorial. The dirty water needs purification before being pumped into the river. Still today, most of my roads goes into darkness with the Sun set, since there is no lighting. That invite the bad social elements to utilize the opportunity. The 'blademan' is still roaming freely in the city and harming the people, and police is clueless. The traffic jams in many parts of the city are simply getting worse. I am getting cramped by the narrow roads  and never ending increment of vehicles on road every year. Garbage collection and sanitation is also a major issue. I also can not forget water-logging in various parts of the city  during Monsoon. There are lot of burning issues like these which need alarming attention.

If I am expecting action over them from the next Councillors, then nothing is wrong. After all, my people are voting for welfare. Tomorrow 70 wards of Patna Municipal Corporation will go for voting. One ward, number 39 will go for voting on 22nd May. From ward 28, Councillor has already been elected unopposed. A total of 630 candidates including 323 women will be on the field tomorrow. 19 wards are reserved for women. A total of 1175 polling booth has been designated for voting. I am happy to see the growing number of women candidates in the election. However, its sad to see that 71 candidates has criminal backgrounds.

All the government and private institution will remain close tomorrow. I hope that people will come out for choosing their and mine future in large number. I will pray that people vote for genuine candidate, overcoming caste and regionalism equations. Also, I wish all the candidates best of luck.

Waiting for the best result and a shining future.



( Result of PMC Election 2012)