MLAs from Patna District in the 16th Bihar Vidhan Sabha election 2015


The winning members in the 16th Bihar Vidhan Sabha election 2015 from Patna district  are as follow :

  • Digha Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Sanjeev Chaurasiya (BJP)
  • Bankipur Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Nitin Naveen (BJP)
  • Patna Sahib Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Nand Kishore Yadav (BJP)
  • Kumhrarh Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Arun Kumar Sinha (BJP)
  • Danapur Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Asha Devi (BJP)
  • Phulwari Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Shyam Rajak (JD(U))
  • Paliganj Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Jay Wardhan Yadav (RJD)
  • Bikram Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Siddharth (INC)
  • Maner Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Bhai Virendra (RJD)
  • Fatuha Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Dr. Ramanand Yadav (RJD)
  • Bakhtiyarpur Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Ranvijay Singh (BJP)
  • Barh Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Gyanendra Kumar Singh (BJP)
  • Mokama Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Anant Kumar Singh (IND)
  • Masaurhi Vidhan Sabha Constituency :  Rekha Devi (RJD)

The Member of Parliament are :

  • Pataliputra Constituency : Ram Kripal Yadav (BJP)
  • Patna Sahib Constituency : Shatrughan Sinha (BJP)


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MPs and MLAs from Patna


Member of Parliament (MP) from Patna district in the 16th Lok Sabha (2014-2019) are :

  • Pataliputra Constituency : Ram Kripal Yadav [ BJP ]
  • Patna Sahib Constituency : Shatrughan Sinha   [ BJP ]

Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), 15th Bihar Vidhan Sabha (2010-2015) from Patna district are :

( New : MLAs from Patna District in the 16th Bihar Vidhan Sabha (2015-2020))

  • Digha Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Punam Devi     [ JD (U) ]
  • Bankipur Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Nitin Navin   [ BJP ]
  • Patna Sahib Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Nand Kishore Yadav  [ BJP ]
  • Kumhrar Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Arun Kumar Sinha    [ BJP ]
  • Danapur Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Asha Devi    [ BJP ]
  • Fatuha  Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Dr. Ramanand Yadav   [ RJD ]
  • Phulwari (SC) Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Shyam Rajak  [ JD (U) ]
  • Bakhtiyarpur Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Anirudh Kumar  [ RJD ]
  • Maner Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Bhai Virendra  [ RJD ]
  • Masaurhi (SC) Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Arun Manjhi  [JD (U) ]
  • Paliganj Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Usha Vidyarathi   [ BJP ]
  • Bikram Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Anil Kumar   [ BJP ]
  • Mokama Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Anant Kumar Singh  [ JD (U) ]
  • Barh Vidhan Sabha Constituency : Jyanendra Kumar Singh [ JD (U) ]

Vidhan Sabha constituency falling under Lok Sabha constituency are :

  • Patna Sahib Lok Sabha Constituency : Bakhtiyarpur, Digha, Bankipur, Kumhrar, Patna Sahib and Fatuha
  • Pataliputra Lok Sabha Constituency : Danapur, Maner, Phulwari, Masaurhi, Paliganj and Bikram
  • Munger Lok Sabha Constituency : Mokama and Barh


Abbreviations :

BJP - Bhartiya Janata Party
JD (U) - Janata Dal (United)
RJD - Rastriya Janata Dal


(Know the Ward Councillors of Patna Municipal Corporation)

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Gas Agencies in Patna and their areas

LPG Gas Portability Service got a start in Patna along with 24 other cities across the country on Saturday, the 5
th September 2013. It provides an opportunity to customers to shift to another distributor within the same company or to another Oil Marketing Company (OMC) within the same geographical area if they are not satisfied with the existing distributor. The capital has been divided into 17 clusters, each containing a number of distributor. The list of the clusters is as follow :

Cluster 1

  • Gas Agencies : United Enterprises, Safeway Gas Service, Rajdhani Enterprises and Patliputra
  • Areas Covered : Boring Road, Pani Tanki, Punaichak, S K Nagar

Cluster 2

  • Gas Agencies : Magadh Enterprises, Patliputra and Om Sai
  • Areas Covered : Kurji, Ramjichak, Digha

Cluster 3

  • Gas Agencies : Akhand Jyoti, Patliputra and Utsav Gas Seva
  • Areas Covered : Patliputra, Rajiv Nagar

Cluster 4

  • Gas Agencies : Devanti Gas Service and Patliputra
  • Areas Covered : Buddha Colony, Kurji (Till Ganga Tower), Anandpuri, Boring Canal Road

Cluster 5

  • Gas Agencies : S K Trading and M S Indane
  • Areas Covered : Lodhipur, Bank Road, Exhibition Road, Gardiner Road

Cluster 6

  • Gas Agencies : Anamika Indane, Rashmi Rathi, Raj Traders, Usha Shri Gas Seva and Awadh Raj
  • Areas Covered : Kankarbagh, Hanuman Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Munnachak, Ramlakhan Path, Ramkrishna Nagar

Cluster 7

  • Gas Agencies : R N B Udhyog, Raj Traders, Awadh Raj and Bhawani Gas Seva
  • Areas Covered : Munnachak, Kankarbagh, Ashok Nagar

Cluster 8

  • Gas Agencies : Anjali Flames, R S Indane, Raj Traders and Awadh Raj
  • Areas Covered : Rajendra Nagar, Kanti Factory, Bhutnath Road, Kumhrar, Sandalpur, Azimabad

Cluster 9

  • Gas Agencies : Ratan Laxmi, Sonam, Jyoti Kalash, Nitin and Grihsobha
  • Areas Covered : Agamkuan, Gaighat, City, Khajekalan

Cluster 10

  • Gas Agencies : Maharani, Deepsikha, Anirudh and Anant Gas
  • Areas Covered : Bazar Samiti, Rajendra Nagar

Cluster 11

  • Gas Agencies : Om Sai Indane, Subh Chandani and Farah Ekta
  • Areas Covered : Nala Road, Gandhi Maidan, Bakarganj, Mushalahpur Haat

Cluster 12

  • Gas Agencies : Indra Prabha, Satya, Sai Enterprises and R K Enterprises
  • Areas Covered : Gardanibagh to Mithapur

Cluster 13

  • Gas Agencies : Punit, Sulabh, R S Indane, Sadhbhavana and Sai Enterprises
  • Areas Covered : Beur, Anishabad, Phulwarisharif

Cluster 14

  • Gas Agencies : Shaheed Ganesh and Shaheed Rudal
  • Areas Covered : Chandmari Road, Mithapur

Cluster 15

  • Gas Agencies : JaiShree, R V Enterprises, Deepganga, and Poonam Enterprises
  • Areas Covered : Tapeshwar Nagar to Ara Garden, Vijay Nagar, Rukanpura, Ashiana Nagar

Cluster 16

  • Gas Agencies : Shri Gokula, Vaishali Enterprises, Poonam Enterprises and Anand Kiran
  • Areas Covered : Gola Road, Jagdev Path, Rupaspur, Danapur

Cluster 17

  • Gas Agencies : Yogi and Sadhbhavana
  • Areas Covered : Khagaul

Patna Police Organizational Set up


SSP Patna is entrusted with the overall responsibility of maintaining peace, harmony and well being of society in Patna region. SSP is assisted by five SPs including one for the traffic management. Each of the SPs are further assisted by number of SDPOs, who in turn heads a number of police stations within their jurisdiction.

Patna Police Organisational Chart

Police Stations (PS) under City SPs and respective SDPOs :

(Police Stations in Patna)

City SP (East)

SDPO (Fatuha)

  • Fatuha PS
  • Didarganj PS
  • Khushrupur PS
  • Shahjhanpur PS
  • Nadi Ps

SDPO (Patna City)

  • Sultanganj PS
  • Alamganj PS
  • Khajekalan PS
  • Chowk PS
  • Agamkuan PS
  • Malslami PS
  • Mehdiganj PS
  • Bahadurpur PS
  • Bypass PS


City SP (Central)

Dy. SP Town

  • Gandhi Maidan PS
  • Pirbahor PS
  • Kadam Kuan PS
  • Mahila PS

SDPO Sadar

  • Kankarbagh PS
  • Jakkanpur PS
  • Patrakar Nagar PS
  • Parsabazar PS
  • Gaurichak PS
  • Gopalpur PS
  • Ramkrishna Nagar PS

Dy. SP L & O

  • Kotwali PS
  • Buddha Colony PS
  • Digha PS
  • Patliputra PS
  • Rajeev Nagar PS


City SP (West)

SDPO Phulwari Sharif

  • Phulwari Sharif PS
  • Beur PS
  • Janipur PS
  • Naubatpur PS

SDPO Danapur

  • Danapur PS
  • Khagaul PS
  • Akilpur PS
  • Rupaspur PS
  • Bihta PS
  • Shahpur PS
  • Maner PS

Dy. SP Sachiwalaya

  • Sachiwalaya  PS
  • Shastrinagar PS
  • SK Puri PS
  • Gardanibagh PS
  • Hawaiadda PS


City SP (Rural)


  • Barh PS
  • Mokama PS
  • Bhadaur PS
  • Saksohara PS
  • Belchhi PS
  • Bakhtiyarpur PS
  • Athmalgola PS
  • Hathidah PS
  • Pandarak PS
  • Maranchi PS
  • Ghoswari PS
  • Panchmahla PS
  • Samyagarh PS

SDPO Paliganj

  • Bikram PS
  • Paliganj PS
  • Dulhinbazar PS
  • Ranitalaw PS
  • Sigori PS

SDPO Masaurhi

  • Masaurhi PS
  • Dhanarua PS
  • Kadirganj PS
  • Bhagwanganj PS
  • Punpun PS
  • Pipra PS


SP (Traffic) Patna

  • Dy. SP (Traffic - I) : Traffic Regulation PS Bypass and Patna Central Zone
  • Dy. SP (Traffic - II) : Traffic PS Patna and Hon'ble Governor's Traffic Route Lining and Traffic Regulation East Zone, Patna
  • Dy. SP (Traffic - III) : Traffic Regulation PS Saguna Mor, Danapur and Hon'ble Cm Route Lining West Zone Patna



[Source : Patna Police Website]

May I Help You Counters in Patna


Patna Police has opened 'May I Help You Counter' at several places in Patna to help citizen in case of any problem. Each counter is managed by an officer assisted by police personnel varying in number from 2 to 5. The counter will be active round the clock. In case of any complain, the team will get active and will start investigating the issue. Two such centers were opened previously at Gandhi Maidan and Patna Junction. Recently five more such counters has been inaugurated by City SSP, Manu Maharaj at various places to better control the law and order in the City. He also urged citizen to freely express their grievances at these counter and in case of non-compliance, contacting senior officials. The counters will also distribute Phone-Books containing phone number of important officials and the police  stations.

The various 'May I Help You Counter' in Patna are -

  • Patna Junction
  • Gandhi Maidan, near Kargil Chowk
  • Dinkar Golamber (roundabout)
  • Karbighahiya, beside Junction
  • Mithapur Bus Stand
  • Boring Road Chauraha
  • Rajapur Pul