About Patna - an Introduction


Patna is the capital of Bihar State of India. The City is situated above the ruin of ancient Pataliputra, which was a great center of power for many centuries. It has evolved its own culture as a result of amalgamation of different people and different religion. It is today a fast growing modern city, and important place for trade and commerce.

  • History of Patna
    Patna occupies a very important place in the Indian history. Known as Pataliputra in ancient times, it was the capital of Mauryas, Guptas and several other dynasties. It was the centre from which the Indian subcontinent was administered for the first time in history.
  • Modern Patna
    Patna has evolved into a modern city, situated over the ruins of ancient kingdoms. Being the capital of the province, it enjoys comparatively more advantage than other cities. It is one of the largest cities in Eastern India.
  • Patna - Life Style
    The lifestyle of Patna has evolved over the centuries by the amalgamation of different section of people from the different region. It has its own culture, festival and ways of living. The climate and geography plays an important role in the life style of the City.
  • Patna Municipal Corporation
    Patna Municipal Corporation is the nodal agency for looking after the administration of the City. It has specialized departments for different areas. The City is divided into number of wards, each of which send a Councillor to the Municipal Corporation every five year.
  • Patna - Important Information
    The important information related to the city like Post Offices, City map, Pin codes, Police Stations, Railways Reservation Counter etc.  find mention in this section.
  • Whtzz up in the City
    The important happening of the City are mentioned here. It has three section dealing with various news aspect of the City.
  • The Fragrance of Patna
    This section deals with the home grown initiatives which have caught wide attentions and appreciations. Eco movement of Tarumitra among School student is well known. Super 30 Batch and Jalan Museum has attracted attention of their own in a quite different way.

  • Tourism in Patna
    Patna is a historical city which has lot of tourist places, some of whose history goes back to more than 2000 years old. There are lot of religious places and other tourist places to cater to a variety of people.

  • 10 Things To Do in Patna
    If time is a factor, then it would not be possible to visit all the places. However, few places can be visited which covers its historical, religious, cultural and social aspect in brief. Here we list the 10 things that one should visit when time becomes a crucial factor.