Maner Sharif - The Sufism Destination

maner sharif

Maner Sharif is the most important and oldest center of Sufism in Bihar which attracts followers from across the world. Situated 25 km West of Patna on NH 30, this holy place is famous for the grand mausoleum of Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Yahyah Maneri. The very name of Maner has been influenced by this great Sufi saint, who brought Sufism idea here.

Maner has been a famous pilgrim center during the 16th century. Mughal Emperor, Jehangir used to come here to pay homage to the great Sufi saint, after death of whose, a grand mausoleum was built over his grave in 1616 AD in Mughal architecture. The British archaeologist Bucchan had described this structure as the best in Bihar region some 100 years back. It is said that during those time, Maner was a famous pilgrim place having Sufi saints and Khanqahs, the Islamic Schools imparting religious education, which attracted people of all hierarchies to this holy land.

This grand mausoleum has been built using the Mughal architecture. The red and yellow stones were brought from Chunar district in Uttar Pradesh (UP) for building this structure. The walls of the building are adorned with intricate designs. There is a big dome on the top and the ceiling is full of inscriptions depicted from the holy Quran. The building is situated in a garden, having entrance from all the sides,and having a pond in the Northern side. At the corners of the garden are octagonal towers. On the western wall is a mosque with three arches. The arches are framed with beautiful Chinikana designs. On the outside, the main dome is surrounded by smaller domes. The parapet walls that surround these domes contain small turrets with finials. Since the domes touch these parapet walls, sometimes these turrets are fused to the domes.

Maner is also have another shrine of Sufi saint called Makhdum Shah Daulat, a disciple of Hazrat Makhdoom Yahya Maneri. It is known as "Chotti Dargah". It is situated near to the grand mausoleum (Bari Dargah). Shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom Yahya Maneri is revered both by Muslims as well as Hindus. This shrine has remained as a place of pilgrimage for a long time, where devotees come to offer "Chadar" on the tomb, and for many other purposes.

Maner is also very famous for its sweet laddoo made of pure ghee. It is named as "Maner ka laddoo".

How to reach :
One can reach Maner from Patna, which is the nearest largest city. Buses are regularly available. One can also hire cab for convenience.

Where to stay:
Maner does not have much accommodation facility. Its advisable to stay at Patna, where hotel of all ranges are available.