Mahabodhi Temple now adorns golden dome


The UNESCO world heritage site of Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya now adorns with a gold plated dome. The massive gold work around its pinnacle has enhanced the beauty of the 5th-6th century temple. The top 18-feet portion of the 180-feet tall temple has been plated with the golds denoted by the Buddhists monks of Thailand. In that, 100 kg of gold has been provided by King Atulya.  The weight of the plated gold is 290 kg and its estimated cost in the market has been put around 90 crore rupees. The process began when the temple authority got a request from Thai monks in July last year (2012). The lengthy process of getting clearance from a number of departments and ministries was finally over on November 1, 2013. With this, the actual work of bringing the massive amount of gold and its planting on the top of temple started. The gold arrived here on 11th November amid tight security. The design of the dome was already taken before and the ready-made frame arrived here. Finally on November 28, the work of planting gold on top dome got completed.

The Holiest temple of Buddhist witnessed a series of low intensity bomb explosion on July 7. Since then, a number of steps taken to ensure the security of the temple complex. The authorities has ruled out any damage or threat to the gold plated dome from the miscreants. The imposing height coupled with the enhanced security makes its very secure from any threat perception.

[Nov 2013]