Tourist Places near Patna


The eternal land of Patna has been a thriving place for the various dynasties and religions during more than 2000 years of history. There are numerous place nearby Patna which are very famous owing to their religious and historical connection, one being a World Heritage Site (Bodh Gaya). From Rajgriha (modern Rajgir), the first capital of Magadha Empire to Bodh Gaya, the place of enlightenment of Lord Buddha to the historical ruined university at Vikramshila, the land is dotted with the places which can suit to anyone's idea of tourism.

  • Bodhgaya
    Bodh Gaya is the holiest place of Buddhism. It is situated 96 km South of Patna. It is here where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under a Pipal tree. Mahabodhi temple is a world heritage site, declared by UNESCO in 2002.
  • Rajgir
    Rajgir is a famous Buddhist and Hindus sacred place. It was the seat of the ancient capital of Magadha empire, before it moved to Pataliputra. The place is associated with the great epic of Mahabharata. It is situated 100 km South-East of Patna.
  • Nalanda
    Nalanda is the place where the ruins of one of the world's first university named Nalanda Mahavihar has been excavated. Its history goes back to the days of Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha. Currently, it is aspiring for World Heritage tag.
  • Vaishali
    It is the place, situated 56 km from Patna, where it is believed that world's earliest republic prospered way back in 6th Cent BC. Buddha preached his last sermon at Kolhua in Vaishali.
  • Pavapuri
    Pavapuri is a famous Jain pilgrim, where Lord Mahavira attained  Nirvana. It was called 'Apawapuri' menaning ' City of No sins' at that time. Jal Mandir is the most sacred temple here.
  • Maner Sharif
    It is oldest and most important Sufism destination in the State. Here stands the grand mausoleum of Hazrat Makhdoom Shgah Yahyah Maneri, built in Mughal architecture.
  • Sasaram
    Here stands the grand mausoleum of Sher Shah Suri, the short lived emperor of India during the 16th century AD. The fort of Sher Shah at Rohtashgarh is near to Sasaram.
  • Sonepur
    During the pious month of Karthik (November),one of the world's largest cattle fair is held here every year. The place is also associated with Hinduism. The fair is held bedside the river Gandak.
  • Kesaria Stupa
    It is place situated 110 km from Patna, where the World's largest Stupa has been excavated.  It is believed that the Stupa was built by Lichhivis to commemorate the end-life of Lord Buddha.
  • Kawar Lake Bird Sactuary
    This lake of national importance ids situated in Begusarai district, some 120 km east of Patna. The lake is spread in an area of 7400 hectare, containing a variety of birds and other wildlife.

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