Markets of Patna

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Being the trading center in the past, Patna today has well-developed markets that caters to all sections of the society. It has posh upscale markets as well as cheap markets. The markets provides best of clothes, commodities, electronics goods, household goods and lot of other products. Some markets are existing in the center of the City whereas the mall culture has pushed for the development of modern markets in the nearby areas. Bargaining is omnipresent in all markets of the city.

Maurya LokMaurya Lok Complex : This market complex, having
close to 500 shops is one of the famous marketing
destination of Patna, especially for the youngsters. It is
situated near Dak Bunglow Chowk, adjacent to Patna
Planetarium and not far from Patna Junction. The complex
has good shops for clothes, electronic goods , & other
commodities. It also has some good restaurants and
food joints. It is spread in a quite big area, and it houses
some government offices also. It is a famous hangout
for the youngsters during evening. The noodles
(Chawmins) of Maurya complex are quite famous.

Hathua Market : This market is famous for clothes and has several big brand shops. Located in Bari Road, near Gandhi Maidan the market is quite congested and roads are full of traffic with all kinds of vehicles. However, the market offers good options for clothes purchasing, with price reasonable and negotiable. It specializes in women clothing, hence filled with women. There are also good shops of jewellery. Being crowded, one should be will aware of pick pocketing.

Khetan MarketKhetan Super Market : Situated ahead of Hathua Market,
this super market in a big building also specializes in women clothings. Women flocks here to buy Sari & other
stuffs in large number. The price is negotiable. The traffic
is congested and place crowded, so one need patience in
marketing here.

Patna Market : Situated in the busy Ashok Rajpath, west
Gandhi Maidan, this market specializes in electronic goods, jewellery shops, ready made garments etc. It is an old market continuously adapting with times. The new market developing around it is called Patna New Market. This market is filled with students because of the presence of several institute nearby.

Boring Road
: This upscale market is situated in the Boring road area. The market houses big brands of clothing, jewelleries and electronics goods. The area also has several banks. The adjoining road, called Boring Canal Road is also a marketing area. This market is costlier than other markets. The traffic is huge during evening hour. Situated near to posh residential areas, the market is always buzzing with activities.

Recently, many new super markets has been opened in Patna which provides good choices for marketing. These stores have large variety of commodities at comparatively cheaper prices. These markets draws huge crowd during the weekends.

  • Vishal Mega Mart  at Fraser road
  • Big Bazaar in P & M Mall at Kurji
  • 9 to 9 Supermarket at Bandar Bagicha, Near Dak Bunglow

The malls and complexes also offers ample marketing scopes :

  • P & M Mall, Kurji
  • Vasundhara Mall, East Boring Canal Road
  • Maharaja Kameshwar Complex, Frazer Road
  • Verma Centre
  • Kulharia Complex

Lhasa market is an annually held market during winter months by the Tibetan refugees in Patna. It is very popular market for winter clothes shopping in the city.

Besides it, Patna has several markets to mention. The Nala road area near to Patna City is a big market of wooden furniture, steel made item and plastic commodities. The Patna station market specializes in household products and dry food items. The area around Dakbunglow Chowk, including Frazer road, Exhibition road and S P Verma road have big brands names in marketing and covers all type of shops.  Ashok Rajpath and its subsidiary branch road are famous for book shops. One book market, which is very famous among student is Gandhi Maidan book market, which specializes in selling used books and xerox books at a reasonable price. Patna, in a whole, has markets which cover all types of needs.