J D Women's College, Patna

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J D Women's College is a girls-only college. It was established in 1971 to promote education among women. Situated on the Bailey road, not far away from Patna Botanical Garden, the college is affiliated to Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. The college is an important unit of the university. It underwent major infrastructure revamp during last few years.

Situated in an area of 2.41 acres, the college student strength is close to five thousand with more than hundred faculty members. It offers degree in both Arts and Science subjects, with former being taught at Post Graduation level also. The college offers various vocational and professional courses, beside the traditional courses. It also offers Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and Electronics Equipment Maintenance program degree at the graduation level and MBA and MCA at the post graduation level. The college is well equipped with labs and library.

The college has imparted quality education since its inception. The student strength gives the account of work being done by the college in the development of women in the city.

J D Women's College is one of the proposed metro stations on Corridor 1-A (East West Metro Corridor) of Patna Metro rail project in Phase 1.