Patna Science College

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patna science college

Science College is a very reputed college in the field of higher education in science streams. Established in 1927 as the Science Department of Patna College, it was formally established as full-fledged college on 15th November, 1928 by the then Governor-General of India, Lord Erwin. Ever since its inception, it has produced some very famous personalities in its history of more than 80 years. The alumni of the college are spread throughout the world, holding prestigious jobs. The big campus stretches from NIT in East to University Library in West and Ashok Rajpath in the South to river Ganga in the North.

Science College is an important unit of Patna University. It offers courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Geology and Statistics. All the departments are situated in independent buildings situated within the large campus of the college. It has five laboratories situated in various buildings. Beside it has nine Departments, six Hostels, three big Playground, one Common hall and an Administrative building. The Administrative building houses offices, Principal's office, Central Library, departments of Mathematics, Hindi and English.

All the departments are situated in big and spacious buildings, having large classrooms and laboratory spaces. Department of Chemistry is the biggest of all, designed in the shape of English alphabet 'H'. The classrooms are large enough to accommodate 400 students, designed in the shape of auditorium with and equipped with many things from the past. Physics department also houses the department of Computer Science on first floor. There is a Geology museum inside the campus, belonging to Geology department, which provide an important practical demos to the students. The College also house an independent Examination hall, situated in a corner near Chemistry department and an old cycle stand, in front of Physics department. The five hostels are situated inside or beside the college campus, named as Faraday House, Cavendish House, Newton House, Sir C V Raman Hostel and Ramanujam Bhavan. One hostel is situated in Saidpur, along with other hostels of Patna University. The grounds of college are very large and lined with big trees.

Science College is a college which is proud of its excellent teaching faculties and the alumni whereas the student feel proud to be a part of this renowned institute. It is undoubtedly the number one college of Patna, where hundreds of student apply for admission but only few gets admission here. It was a famous college for Intermediate studies till recently, when a large number of students used to crack the toughest exams. Today, it has focused well on the higher education at the Graduation, Post Graduation and Ph.D level.

The Alumni of Science College has came together to form an active page on Facebook, which is trying to bring all the alumni together.