Coaching and Tuition Classes in Patna


Patna is a hub of tuition and coaching classes. The presence of these private classes are so profound that hardly any area of Patna is marked with their absence. Not only that, over the years, these coaching classes have carved out distinct areas within the city, where they are found in large number and student prefer to live in around these areas. Therefore, a distinctly marked student-cum-coaching areas have emerged in various parts of the City. Ashok Rajpath, Nala Road, Kankarbagh, Boring road etc. are such hubs in the city.

The presence of so many coaching and tuition classes, which outnumbers the traditional study centers by a large margin, are certainly due to their success. It is not surprising that a large number of candidates qualifies in various competitive examination held at the national level. Student from all corners of the State as well as adjoining districts of neighboring state also heads their way towards the city classes. Some coaching classes like Super 30 has got international acclamation due to its startling success in the IIT-JEE. All the major coaching classes at the national level, especially concerned with engineering and medical preparation, like FIITJEE, Resonance, Aakash etc. have their branches in Patna.

Some of the areas are so densely congested with tuition classes that the buildings adjoining the roads are virtually covered up with the tuition classes advertisements. Its does not matter whether it is early morning or late evening, student are always found heading towards or coming from the tuition classes in large number. Such is the student strength in certain areas that during festivals or vacation, when student heads towards their home, these areas virtually becomes desolated. In this section, we will provide information about the various coaching and tuition classes, however the actual verification of the same must be done by the student themselves before heading towards it.